Thursday, March 31, 2011


looked through an old moleskine. It wasn't very helpful.
A few lines:

"I head-dance in Cuba."

"Dream; I awake to find a tapeworm on my pillow. I also find that my mattress is floating above the dining hall. Confetti everywhere. Barbara [cafeteria worker] tells me that I've won the raffle."

Parent:"Can you say, "waterfowl"?"
Child: "Waterfowl."
Parent: "Good. Do you know what they are?"
Child: "Yes."
Parent: "No you don't."

"Imagen Laudi's mother dressed in a green uniform coverend in medals--"The Adorable Tyrant."

"Oh, you silly people. Your churns. Your buckets."

"The You Factory"

"I'm afraid I've been building entire cities on the wrong pro-noun."

"Idea for children's book: "Bye Bye, Bramble", a story of a bramble who tries to pack up and leave town. The conflict arises when he sits on his suitcase to latch it close, and gets stuck."

"A Norman Rockwell painting, except everyone is drinking smoothies."


I won two more poetry awards from Hollins University, but so did half of my writing class.
Here's the publication

I've been put on bed-rest all week with reflux. First I was reading Nabokov, but it just made me sad.
"I was an infant when my parents died./ They both were ornithologists. I've tried/ so often to evoke them that today/ I have a thousand parents." - From the first Canto of Nabokov's Pale Fire.

Not exactly heart-warming.

So I had a Woody Allen marathon. But formulaic, Jewish humor doesn't cure everything. Going to the doctor with a driver I don't know today. Just one of the downsides of living at a boarding school.

I didn't get into NYU's summer program for film. But they told me I could go to the same program in Singapore (with no scholarship). Sure, NYU. Sure.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't Want to Bump No More, You Big Fat Woman

I'm taking a month-long intensive course on this book.


Dan Chaon is our Spring guest writer. He talks like Zach Galafianakas. I got a book signed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I won a national gold medal from Scholastic for three of my poems. Invited up to New York City/ Carnegie hall at the end of May.
This guy is the keynote speaker at the ceremony