Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fighting Pickles

I got into UNCSA's summer program for film. I'll be spending a month in Winston-Salem.
This is the school's mascot

I'm taking an intensive course in screenwriting from now until the end of the school year. I have to have a screenplay written by the end of it. I've got less than a month. sigh.

Yesterday was my last day with my after school mentoring program (as a mentor) until next school year. I was bitten by a five-year-old girl with one tooth. She drew blood. I blame violent video games and food-preservatives. kids.

My buddy in the visual arts department has been sneaking me into the arts studios. I learned how to throw pottery on a wheel. I'm going to learn how to weld soon, too. Fast times.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Weekend, Sans Sherbet

John T. Edge (food writer) came to our class for a Q&A session. He was great. He talked about pig lips, performance artists, and how the best tamales are in Mississippi.

Went to the mall and bought bubble tea (gross) and a lot of records (not gross). Got back to the dorm to listen to them and my player didn't work.

Woke up at six for the ACT. My least favorite genre of person sat behind me. I'm not usually one to stereotype, but I'm certain there's at least one of this kid at every high school. You know, the ones who know all the words to every Lamb of God song and the Kingdom Hearts theme song (the second one in English and Japanese, of course).
They also look like this:
This kid kept talking throughout the entire test about how he had "perfected the ten-minute-five-paragraph essay" and was "the smartest person in the room" and "planning on majoring in creative writing." He also talked about wanting to stab the administrator in the eye with his pencil, repeatedly. She was a nice administrator. She gave us mints. I have no clue where this anger came from. He also talked about he was going to Zaxby's as soon as his mom picked him up.

After that there was prom. A circus-themed prom. It was actually not too bad. Nothing like a regular high school prom, mostly because of the following

- Everyone had to ride to the hotel on a school bus

- There was a kissing booth

- The toast brought nearly everyone to tears

- The D.J. was good

- A newly-wed couple crashed the prom by sharing their first dance with us. They later proceeded to use our photo backdrop and photographers to take wedding photos.

- The waitstaff spiked some of the sherbet and gave it to the kids who weren't dancing. I missed out on the sherbet.

- There were boxes of sushi and Mellow Mushroom pizza and an after party and waiting for us when we got back on campus.

My group also looked nice.

Went hiking.

All in all; No sherbet. No sleep. I'm still exhausted. Six weeks left of school.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretty Prism

Chicago Manual of Style final, Salem College Book Award App, ACT, and a circus themed prom. This week is punitive.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teaching First Graders About the Italian Renaissance

I taught an art history lesson to an after-school program.
The kids were great and said great things, too. One boy said he had a pet owl who lived in his mouth and talked to him when he was alone--a little bit too The Shining for me, but still adorable. I wish I did this more this year. Its going by too fast.