Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I think I can speak for most kids who grow into celiac/ gluten sensitivities when I say, we have a hard enough fumbling through a few normal kid things. Like not being able to have cake on your birthday, or never eating a Lunchable, or drinking with friends, ordering a pizza, and then eating it because you swore, "I've got this, guys. This time, I promsies."

Well, fellow young celiacs and weak tummies, we finally have a hero. A protagonist of a book series about the struggles we face on a daily basis (not very many struggles.) Now we can identify with a face!

And this face is absolutely hideous! I mean, come on! How is this character supposed to make kids feel good about themselves when they relate to her. It looks like Waldo took Daria's 90s teen-angst behind a high school dumpster and got it pregnant. I've met a few GF people in my day, and none of them look this bad. In fact, everyone with celiac that I know of is fairly attractive. Some celebrity examples:

Emmy Rosem- Beautiful
Zooey Deschanel- Beautiful
Bethany Cosentino- Beautiful
Bill Clinton- Well...

I mean, really, that chick (chick?) looks like a pubescent Kathy comic.

Also, It is rumored that JFK was allergic to wheat. So take that, Woodbine House Publishing. God bless America.

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