Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New York Don't Heart You

School has been over for a week. I haven't had time wrap my head around that. It's been all go in New York City. Here's some things I've learned:
1. Public transportation is nice when you don't have to get from Jersey City to your interview in Brooklyn in thirty minutes or less (Yes, thirty minutes or less, like the title of that bad pizza movie that's coming out soon.)
2. Scholastic Medals are heavy.
3. Don't get on the subway with your medal on. This is not out of concern that a stranger will steal the medal, no. The people on the subway are nice, to themselves, and all-in-all normal/ better looking than people from your hometown. You don't wear your medal on the subway because people will look at you like you're a complete idiot.
4. You probably are a complete idiot.
5. Whoopi Goldberg is super nice via video-greeting/ still gender ambiguous.
6. In the eyes of the best teenage artists of America, John Baldessari--possibly the most re-nouned, talented American painters of this century--giving an inspirational speech about his journey and accolades will most definitely be upstaged by Tony Hawk skating through Carnegie Hall and then giving a cookie cutter speech about "not selling out."
7. Your dad might be a little racist when he refers to an Indian cab driver as "Amigo."
8. Writing is so freaking important, still.
9. Even in New York City, your poetry teacher will manage to find you and make you feel like a terrible person and loose her luggage at the same time.
10. At an award show, never sit next to a girl who is wearing the same exact dress as you, especially if she is tall, mixed, and gorgeous. Remember, you are short, stocky, pale, and just changed in the bathroom of some place called "Joe's Rolls."
11. The people at The New Yorker Magazine do not like teenagers. Rightfully so. (note: Don't ever wear sandals/ ask to use the bathroom in a publishing house. Ever.)
12. The Governor's School is my home.


For right now, I'll take the second one. I'm not quite ready for the city yet.

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