Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UNCSA: Fabulous

The head of the film department, Jonus (pronounced Yawn-ish)refers to everything as "fa-bu-lous" with his heavy accent. His nationality is still a mystery to me. He gave us a two-hour-long lecture on how me must find our one and only "Superior Objective" in life before we direct any film, and some other Existentialist/ middle-Euro-pride stories. He starts all of his classes with the same youtube video of an older Ray Davies singing "Lola". Needless to say, he's the awesome foreign grandpa I've never had.
My screenplay idea was sanctioned (YAY) and I'm almost done picking my crew. The only problem is finding the right actors. Everyone here is so far up their own butt that they can't possibly act well. Thank you, arrogant kids from California who have Cannon 7d's and the newest $2,000 version of FinalCutPro. I'll be over here in the corner with my little handcam, trying to figure out how to make you express pain when you're daddies made sure you've never felt it before.
Woah, sorry. That was a bit much. It's a wonderful program here, really. The equipment is all state of the art and we get to see movies at the local theater for free.

My roommate (who is in the same film section as me/ has never heard of Wes Anderson, David Lynch, or Clint Eastwood) just turned down her new Britney Spears CD to ask me if I'm "one of those people who don't like things just because they're mainstream." Good one, Roommate. You fascinate me. You really do.

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